Dogs Trained (Updated 30th April 2019)

Personalised Dog Training with one of the leading professional dog trainers in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. As voted by ThreeBestRated since 2016!

Dogs can be wonderful characters, full of life and energy but some times this energy can be too much to handle and many owners find themselves at their limits. The ever free thinker, dogs will only learn at their full capacity from fun, dog training should be engaging, interesting and enjoyable if not then what is the point?

Our Ethos at PayTheDog – Canine Behaviour and Training is simple, If you would not go to work without being paid then why expect your dog to work without a form of payment?

We provide a range of dog training services through West Yorkshire but our heart will always be in Wakefield. The products we sell are the best! How do we know this? Because we would not sell anything we have not used ourselves, this is how much we believe in these products!

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