Why Dogs Are Like…………Prosecco!

Woohoo! It’s the Weekend, the sun is out, the skies are clear and the Prosecco is flowing!

Now the last two week here at PayTheDog have been somewhat of a nightmare come true, work is work and I am thankful to every person who uses to work with us but its been one hell of a busy two week but not only that our household is still getting over the loss of one of our own Barni, who is the features image in this blog.

This week ended with a great a surprise, I have been looking after a long-standing customers two cats who aren’t the easiest (I know that’s coming from a dog person but what the hell is wrong with cats! Are they Satans pets ? ) I arrived yesterday on my last night to have something quite odd staring at me, something I haven’t seen for a while. A lovingly placed Thank You Card accompanied by yep you might have guessed a bottle of Prosecco!

Alright, Mark, you’re waffling on and it’s boring!

How are dogs anything like Prosecco! for a start you can’t drink a dog!

Pssst, I’d be a bit mortified anything did try drinking a dog!

POP! you’ve just opened that chilled bottle, placed it on ice and off to grab a glass eager for that first sip! It’s pretty much that excitement you get when you have a new puppy or dog enter your house for the first time and you run off to grab your phone to take 1 million pictures to spam Facebook (and other social media ) So much so your friends unfollow you!

You sit and daydream about all the fun times you are going to have, days out to the beach, learning new tricks, enjoying every minute spent together…… With the new pooch, not the Prosecco! ( Mind you Sand, Sea and S………….. Sipping a few glasses sounds awesome right now!)

With it sip you savour the flavour, enjoying the fizz of the bubbles are they hit your tongue, the sparkle of the glass as the Sunlight hits it much like the sparkle in your dog’s eye as it looks lovingly at you.

Come on Mark get to it!

Why is a dog Like a Bottle of Prosecco!

Okay, Okay. Let us jump right to it.

There are 2 types of people in the world,  those of us who savour every sip of gods nectar and those who will binge down a bottle and to the end goal of being so drunk they can not even remember their own name. Just like there are those of us who will train every day with our dogs to the point their dog becomes a robot!

Enjoy your dog! Each and every day is special because sooner or later that bottle is empty and you will ever have loved every minute of it or be regretting it in the morning.

We don’t need to intensively train our dogs every day, just like you don’t need to down a bottle of prosecco every day. Go out and enjoy time with your dog, let them take the lead when it comes to walking, allow them to be a dog and show you what their world looks like. Some of the best walks I’ve had with Barni have been those where I just allowed him to freeroam (Safely!) and just follow him!

R.I.P Barni

2006 – 2018

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