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Whether it’s a place on a course, workshop, social walks or even behaviour consultations or one to one training we’ve made our bookings section simple and easy. Simply complete the below form and send your payment within 48 hours. Payment is accepted by Bank Transfer, if you would rather pay by different means please do contact us immediately. Your place in the class isn’t secured until you have completed the booking form and have paid!

Please Note: If you miss any training sessions on any of our courses, workshops, consultations and walks you WILL NOT receive a refund. Your payment ensures your space on a course is secure and will not be filled by anyone else during the period the course runs, spaces are limited and numbers kept small to ensure everyone gets space with their dog to train and one to one time with the trainer.

If you can’t find the course, workshop, or other item on the Booking Form list or for general enquiries, specific questions about our courses, please check our Contact page.

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Once the form is complete you will receive confirmation of this within a few days, please remember to check your spam/junk folders. Please provide valid contact details in case of emergency and course cancellations.