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FAQs – Dog Training

General Dog Training Question

Why Should I Chose PayTheDog ?

PayTheDog uses pureply Postive dog training methods backed by Science, getting to the route cause of behaviour from years of building experience and knowledge working with dogs. All our training comprimises of games that can help owners build lasting bonds with their dogs built on a mutal trust and understanding.

More than just adog training service, PayTheDog gives owners the skills and tools they need to continue their dogs training in outside, real world enviroments.

What is Positive Dog Training?

The world of Dog Training is fast moving and ever expanding into new theories, methods and techinquies. Positive Dog Training relies on the additional of some pleasant to make the dogs experience more positive, by doing this we can increase the chances of the behaviours we are wanting happen again.

Are you Insured?

Yes, PayTheDog is fully insured for all it’s services and produts offered both in person and on our online store.

What Areas Do You Cover?

Based in the heart of Wakefield, West Yorkhire we covering the following areas for Dog Training:

Horbury, Ossett, Wrenthorpe, Stanley and Altofts, while Normanton, Castleford, Pontefract, Knottingley, Featherstone, Hemsworth, South Kirkby, South Elmsall, Middlestown, Crigglestone, Crofton, Woolley and Ackworth.

However should you need us in areas outside of Wakefield and within West Yorkshire such as Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Bradford, Huddersfield and further a field you are more thn welcome to contact us to discuss your behavioural or training issue. If we can not accomadate you we will work with you to find a suitable dog trainer in your area.

Is My Dog Too Old or Too Young For Training?

No dog is ever too old or young to start training, we simply just adapt what we are training and how we train it to suit you and your dog.

Dog Training Question – Classes, Workshops, One To Ones


How Long Are The Classes?

Each of our classes are set out different however generally classes range from 6 weeks to 8 weeks long depending on what the class curciculam.

The lengh of each session within classes though is around 45 minutes to an hour, this is to allow for time in arrival and deparature between each class. This way we can decrease the risk of dogs meeting in the car park, narrow hall ways etc and causing reactivity, over arousal or aggression.

What Do I Need To Bring To Class?

Apart from yourself and your dog there is not much you will need to bring although we suggest the following:

Treats – This can be your dogs usual food or something higher value such as cooked chicken, hot dogs. PayTheDog has a range of treats that can be ordered through our online shop and collected during your first session. These will also be aviable to purchase on the day (Please be aware that it is not often be carry change but we do accept card payments.)

A Normal Flat Collar and Lead, we ask that no aversivie style collars such as e collars, prong collars are used in our classes and you will be asked to leave with no re fund. We do allow half check collars as a saftey measure for dogs who have a tendacy to slip their collars.

Flexi leads are also not permitted in a class enviroment, should you arrive with one you will need to switch to a standard 3m lead.

Other than the above there really is not much else you need to bring, if the instructor asks you to bring something you will be notified of this 1 week prior to your next session.

What If My Dog is Aggressive or Reactive?

Not all our classes are suitable for these types of dogs but that does not mean we can not help you, we have Reactive Dog classes that take place outside with plenty of space allowing you to work with your dog and be safe.

If you believe your dog may be reactivtive or aggressive please do conact us to discuss before booking.

We expect dogs to bark and be giddy on their first class, this is normal to us. Your instructor will give you some helpful hints and tips on how to deal with this is a class environment because believe us we have been there too.

How Do I Book A Place On A Class?

Booking a space on a class has been made as simple as possible, no need to fill out over complexed forms before paything. It is as simple as heading to our online store, under Dog Training, Classes then pick the class you want within this section you will find a drop down list of times and dates available for that class.

How Many Dog Are In One Class?

Depending on space availble we limit numbers of our class between 6 – 8 dogs, this allows plenty of space for you to work and gives our instructors a chance to get around everyone to offer indivual help where needed.


How Long Are Dog Training Workshops?

Again similar to classes these vary in the time for each session but generally these are 1 or 2 day events with the session lasting between 1 – 2 hours depending on what the workshop is covering. 

Sometimes we may bring in guest trainers or speakers, these have their own plan or schedules.

How Much Are Workshops?

This is dependant on the individual workshops and the instructor holding the event, please refer to the booking around for workshops in the online store, this will hold all the information you need for the workshop you are wanting more information about.

Can Any Dog Join A Workshop?

On workshops we are hosting it will have any relevant information with regards to what type of dogs can attend that particular work such but in general most if not all dogs are welcome on workshops. The only thing we ask is if you have a reactive dog or believe you might have one then contact us first so we can discuss whether it would be beneficial for you to attent or opt for a different workshops/service.

Do I Need To Bring Anything To A Workshop?

Just you and your dog, everything else you will need will be provided at the workshop unless otherwise instructed to bring anything.

One To One Training

Do You Provide Residential Training?

Unfortunately this is not something we can offer at the moment but in the future this type of servi e is something we will be looking at.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is highly dependant on what type of issue you are having with your dog, how much work you put in and your dog. 

Although we can provide an estimate amount of session that you might need we can almost always certainly lay down all the foundations you will need to start the training alongside will a training plan/guide that will help you progress away from training sessions.

Are One To Ones Better Than Group Classes?

In some cases one to one style training would have more of a benefit for you and your dog, however if you are indoubt as to what style of training would best suit you, your dog and the behavioural problem contact one of our trainers and we will be more than happy to help you.

FAQs – Dog Walking


How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

Our local council permits us to walk upto 6 dogs per handler as does our insurance company however it is very unlikely that we would walk more than 4.

Can I specify a particular time for my dog to be walked?

A: Our daily group dog walks are generally carried out between 11.00am and 3pm though pick ups may be earlier and drop offs may be later. We do not give specific timeslots due to environmental factors that may prevent us from sticking ti those times but we do give a general idea of the time we will be walking your dog.

How long are walks?

The majority of our walks are 1 hour long and can sometimes run over slightly unless you need shorter walks then that is also fine, we do not include travel time

Where will my dog be walked?

All our walks are carried out in parks and green spaces where it is safe and interesting for your dog. We vary the locations in order to provide variety for your dog

My dog is nervous around other dogs, will you be able to walk him?

Of course, we also provide solo walks that are great for nervous dogs. We are also happy to discuss group otions with you so that we can do slow introductions to group walks.

We are always happy to provide our walking clients with training advice and help them to get a more well mannered and ajdjusted dog. If we don’t think your dog is suitable for group walks then we will also be happy to continue providing one on one solo walks.

Do I need to be at home when you collect or drop off my dog?

No, a lot of our clients are either out or at work during our service times but if you are at home we are more than happy to walk your dog.

What happens in an emergency?

In cases of emergencies we will make every attempt to contact you or the person nominated by you to discuss the issue.

Can I just have occasional walks?

We are more than happy to take of clients that need us every so often on a less regular basis.

Can I meet the person who will be walking my dog?

We always provide a preliminary introduction so we can meet and the adventure buddy gets a chance to meet your dog, this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you need to.

Will my dog be walked by the same person each day?

The majority of the same your dog will remain under the same adventure buddy, although this may not be always the case down to holidays, time off and illness but don’t panic all our staff are highly trained whether that be through their own education or with our own inhouse training.

Are the dog walkers insured?

Yes, all our staff are insured this also includes volunteers, work experience and anyone providing care under our business name.

Will I be charged if I cancel a walk at short notice?

We like to remain flexible when it comes to our clients needs however we do operate under a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Can you do evening and weekend walks?

Should you need us we will be there, given notice we will also try to accommodate our clients needs where possible.


Do I have to pay for walks upfront?

PayTheDogs dog walking services runs on trust, we do not need payment upfront but are more than happy to receive it. You can opt to pay weekly or monthly and this can be done by invoices directly to your email with payment being tank by cash, bank transfer or card.

FAQs – Online Store


Where is my order?

Please contact us with your order number so we can locate what part of the ordering process you order is

What courier company do you use?

For the majority of our products we either use RoyalMail or Hermes depending on size or weight. 

Some of our products come straight from the warehouse, these items may be coming via a different courier service. 

My item is damaged, what do i need to do?

If your product is damaged on arrival, please contact us with a photo of the damaged item and we will make arrangements for an refund, exchange or replacement item to be sent out. Please return the damaged stock to us for further inspection.

How do i get a refund and how long will it take?

All refunds are processed accordingly and make take 3-5 working business days to arrive back into your account, if you are unsatisfied with any of our products please contact us directly so we can discuss the issue.

How do i cancel my subscription?

We will of course be sad to hear you are cancelling but always happy to help, you can either contact us directly to cancel or pause your subscription. You can also do this in the My Account section of the website.

I can not access my account what do i need to do?

Please contact us so we can fix the problem for you.

I have not received my order confirmation, why is this?

Sometimes things go wrong, although your payment may have been processed. The system behind the scenes may be slow to send your confirmation. If you have not received this is 24 hours please do contact us so we can look into this.

FAQs – Rescue Work


What rescues are you currently involved with?

We are currently not partnered with one particular rescue, we do however offer help and support to rescues when they need us. Whether this is by doing homechecks, behavioural assessments, training plans, fundraisers, transport runs and varies other activities

Do you charge rescues?

We do not charge rescues for our work, there may be times where rescues offer to pay for transport fuel cost but on the whole all of our rescue work is free of charge. Our CEO Marc started his journey out is a stray dog kennels and saw the amount of dogs coming through being abandoned for various behaviourial and training issues this has been his way of giving back to the dog rescue world.

When a dog has been placed in a home we are always happy to give advice and discounted rates for new owners that have adopted a dog from a rescue and been referred to us.

Does PayTheDog donate money to rescues?

At the moment we put 25p as side for every subscription box we sell every month, once this has built up to a good amount we then find a local/small rescue that follows our code of ethics and donate the money to them so that they can continue to help and save as many dogs as possible.

We are constantly looking for ways we can support smaller rescue.

I run or i am involved in dog rescue, how can we apply for your help?

You can contact us directly and we will let a part of our dedicated rescue team know you have contacted us they will then be incontact with you to discuss how we can come together and help save more dogs.

Are you available to come to our Event?

Of course, we have a range of options we can discuss from judging dog shows, providing talks on behaviour and training, running one off classes and work shops holding stalls for our natural dog treats. Contact us, let us know the date of the event, what type of event you are holding and what you are looking for us to be able to do.


FAQs – Trade & Partnerships


Do you have trade accounts?

At present we are working on getting our trade portal up and running for our natural dog treat range and food.

We run a pet supply business, can we become a partner?

Of course, contact us using our contact form. We are always looking for local, national and small businesses to promote through our Treat boxes and other sales.