Positive Dog Training, is that just bribing dogs?

Common Myths

  • My Dog Will Only Work For Food

  • My Dog Will Get Fat If I Just Use Treats

  • I Want My Dog To Listen and Respect Me Because I Told Them To Do Something

  • It Only Works For Trick Training

What Is Positive Training Then?

Positive Dog Training can mean various things to different people, dog trainers and owners alike all have their owns ideas of what this type of training means to them. There is no right or wrong just Positivity, so here is a basic outline of what the base of Positive Dog Training is.
Positive is the addition of something, for this we use a Primary Reinforcer. This is food, something the dog can not live without (not that advocate starving your dog to make it listen!) It’s more adding value to the behaviour, when training your dog is working the Positive Addition is Payment for a Job Well Done! Hence the name PayTheDog.
By pairing something positive with training we can let though dog know that good behaviour means something great is coming, this increases the likelihood of the good behaviour being given again.
We can also use Secondary Reinforcers, these are something that the dog does not necessarily require but enjoys such as Praise (Physical and Verbal) as well as toys and games such as Fetch and Tug!
Our aim at PayTheDog – Canine Behaviour and Training is to allow dogs to Free Think, by given them a chance to make Good Choices and reap the rewards!
We teach through games and play making the entire training session Fun and Enjoyable, this not only creates a wonderful bonding experience for dogs and owners but also boost confidence in both as well!



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