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LifeSkills Dog Training Classes 6 Weeks Course – Wednesday Evenings


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This Dog Training Class is held at Nostell Village Hall, Wakefield ( Just around the corner from Nostell Priory)


Are there any dog training classes near me?
Are dog training classes open right now?
Will dog training classes help with my dog?
Where are local force-free dog training classes near me?

If you have found yourself asking these questions lately, then this class is for you!


What are LifeSkills?

These are the skills and behaviours that every dog needs to help them develop into well mannered, happy, awesome, friendly and safe dogs, dogs that you can take proudly anywhere! The dog training classes cover both exciting and life exercises. They are skills such as:

  • The basics of obedience such as sit, down. The difference between wait and stay whilst implementing impulse control
  • The importance of handling
  • Obtaining a force-free focus
  • Food manners and leaving food (human!)
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Learning to Settle
  • Relationship-building and what a relationship bank is
  • Having a confident dog… and so much more!

These are just a small peek at what skills are covered but they are all taught using positive, reward-based training methods. The main underlying theme of all of the classes, regardless of the level, is building a happy, positive relationship between you and your dog.

To ensure success we continually push for a positive training session where you work together with your dog in tiny steps, allowing them the simplest doable steps towards obtaining the right behaviour, setting them up for success each time because if we push for too much too soon and they fail and still fail, they’re going to become de-motivated and lose all interest in training.

Life Skills Foundation Benefits in our Dog Training Classes

⭐ Progressing along with other students in the class helping with socialisation
⭐ Receiving regular homework as well as online content
⭐ Discounts on our online store
⭐ Avoid the waiting list for our dog walking clients and jump to the top.

10 Life Skills Goals

⭐ Build your dogs confidence
⭐ Get them to see surprises are a good thing
⭐ Being touched is awesome!
⭐ Have Self Control
⭐ That your dog can be calm
⭐ Your dog understands the rules clearly
⭐ Your dog can listen
⭐ Your dog does have manners
⭐They can make good choices
⭐ and most of all that they are ALLOWED TO BE A DOG!


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