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Natural Dog Treat Box

£19.99 / month

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Natural Dog Treat Box

Natural Dog Treat Box

So What’s in The Natural Dog Treat Box!

Each monthly box will contain Two Amazing Toys! and a selection of natural dog treats

We have a great range of treat here at PayTheDog and your dog is bound to love them all!

In each box, your dog will receive Six different types of a mixture of any of the following:

Pigs Ear – 100% Deer Sticks – Dried Tripe – Sprats – Puffed Pig Snout – Duck Wing – Rabbit Ear (with Fur) – Beef Trachea – Buffalo Skin – Pork Spaghetti – Beef Spaghetti – Pork Tail – Chicken Feet – Chicken Neck – Beef Lung – Duck Feet – Fish Cubes – Chicken Heart

A selection of 18 Dog Treats!
If your dog has allergies just let us know but we are sure to have something for every dog’s taste!

Two Awesome Toys!

Each month your much-loved pooch will receive two amazingly awesome toys, like our treats we hand select toys each month previous before they are due to be sent out ( Yup! we actively plan each month out so we guarantee the best service, we even get our own dogs testing toys out before they even make it to the box……our dogs keep the dogs, yours get new ones haha!)

Rather than having our “stock” delivered to us like most other companies, in order to inspect the quality rather than relying on pictures we head straight to the warehouse to hand-select items and treats for our boxes. Only the best for your dogs because we would only give our own the best! Yes, we really are that hands-on!

From time to time you might find offers from our partnered companies too!

as well as training tips and tricks from us! PayTheDog is actively run by a Degree Qualified Canine Behaviourist! who might also send out challenges for you to complete with your dogs!

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