Simple Crate Mat in Stylish Check Fabric (6 Colours)

A versatile yet high-quality dog crate mat in both looks and feel providing a comfortable place for your dog whether they are relaxing at home or venturing to the local park in your car.

Save up to £6.99!



One we use on a regular basis in the car for the resident dogs here at PayTheDog

Made in the UK, the crate mats are to the highest quality standards for warmth, durability and comfort for your dog. They are practical, quality hard-wearing upholstery fabric and stylish and appeal to all tastes but let’s be honest… Your dog will not care what it looks like as long as it’s comfy and well Jeffery and Pepsi would give this 2 thumbs up…. if they had thumbs.


Please Note: Dog beds and dog blankets are made to order. Whilst we aim to have your bed to you within 3-5 working days on occasion the manufacturing process can take a little longer. If this impacts your order, you will be contacted.


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